The Breakers is a five piece all-male vocal tour de force, with a set of sounds hotter than a tandoor oven, a set of moves cooler than a mid-January blizzard, and a range of musical styles and skills as diverse and eclectic as its membership.

The Breakers craft their unique brand of streamlined rock entirely without the aid of instruments, tapping into a tradition of music making that predates both musical notation and the orchestra. Their mission is simple: to stretch the boundaries of vocal music while remaining true to its roots; to create a musical experience that is as fresh as it is time-honored.

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Saturday, November 1 2008
The Breakers Vocal Band (BVB) proudly presents its debut EP: “V” (pronounced “Five”)
Saturday, July 1 2006
The Breakers will be performing at "Jazz in the Square" -- a three-day outdoor jazz festival in Syracuse, NY.
Monday, May 8 2006
We're all home safe after another whirlwind trip to Malaysia, and we'd like to thank everyone involved for another successful trip and a series of sold-out concerts!
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